Family Photo Album

Polly Ramsey, head of the Ramsey Family Tree – Emmit Powell’s Grandmother

Polly Ramsey

Polly Ramsey – At rest

Emmit Powell’s Family – Uncles and Aunts

Aunts Maggie and Geneva

Aunt Maggie Gavin and husband

Aunt Maggie Gavin & Family [nieces and nephews]

Emmit A. Powell and Aunt Maggie at the young age of 93 

Namon Banks, cousin

Emmit A. Powell

Ruby Ramsey Powell – Emmit’s Mother

Emmit Powell, Sr – Father

Melvin Powell – brother

Emmit A. Powell, US Air Force

Emmit A. Powell Receives B.A. from Golden Gate University

Golden Gate Park – San Francisco, CA

Grand Opening of Powell’s Place – see video

Emmit A. Powell in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Emmit Powell vacationing in Puerto Rico

Emmit Powell in Rome, Italy

L-R: Anise Ritchie and Emmit Powell in Rome, Italy

L-R: Emmit Powell, Unknown Official and Mary Jackson in Europe

Emmit A. Powell – Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Uncle Archie Ramsey’s residence – New Jersey

L-R: Vince Powell, Emmit Powell and Naasir Powell

Vince Powell, daughter and son

Vince Powell, Jr.

Neice Marsha Powell and son

Marsha Powell, Neice of Emmit A. Powell

Naasir Powell

Neice – Aaliyah

Neice – Aaliyah

Neice – Aaliyah

Vince Powell, Jr.

Emmit A. Powell

Emmit A. Powell – God is Great


5 comments on “Family Photo Album

  1. Mr. Powell-I love your website sir! It is phenomenally awesome.. So proud of God’s work in you, and your dedication to God’s people, the world, and for blessing us through the ministry of Gospel Music!
    -Evg. Michael Johnson, Jr.

  2. I used to listen to you every saturday when I lived in the bay area. Moved to Merced and thought I had lost the joy of ever hearing you again and this morning I turned on my radio and whose voice did I hear. I am blessed..
    Sending you much love from the valley.

  3. It is such a blessing to have all of these wonderful pictures of family. Many of my photographs were lost during a hurricane. I can appreciate your personal family history documented on film and now through technology. Blessings to all the family historians.

  4. Dear cusin Emmit,
    I located your website and viewed the family photos that you posted. I am so pleased to be a part of such a beautiful family.
    I made a copy of the group photo for my records. Idid’nt see a picture of Aunt Elizabeth, maybe she was like mama, did’nt like to take pictures.
    P.S. many thanks for letting me and Emma hang out with you until we caught our plane.

  5. Hello, this was such a blessing to me when I had seen this. I am a descendant of the Burgess-Clack-Ramsey Family. Polly McCoy Ramsey was the daughter of Archie Sr. and Sallie Ann Burgess McCoy. She is the grandaughter of Watson and Polly Ann Clack Burgess, great-grandaughter of Wilder and Virginia “Jenny” Clack, and great-great-grandaughter of Anthony and Sabrina Clack. Sallie Ann Burgess McCoy’s younger brother was my great-great-grandfather, Joshua “Josh” Burgess. Polly Ramsey’s husband, Charles “Charlie” Ramsey was the son of John and Priscilla “Scilla” Fisher Ramsey. Charles Ramsey was the younger brother of my great-great-grandmother Eliza “Liza” Ramsey Burgess. I will love to communicate back and forth with you on possible info we can learn about our family history. Thank you and waiting patiently.

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