Photo Gallery

Emmit A. Powell – The Early Years

Anise Ritchie and Emmit A. Powell in Rome, Italy

Coming Home to San Francisco

Albertina Walker

Program from Albertina Walker’s Memorial

Emmit A. Powell and Rev. Al Green

Dorothy Stanton and the Anderson Sisters

L-R: Emmit A. Powell, Rev. Al Green and unknown

Rev. Al Green and Dr. Madelyn Pederson

Robin Hodge Williams

Emmit A. Powell – God is Great

Emmit A. Powell – God is Great

Dorothy Norwood, Emmit Powell and Gloria Griffin

Steven Cooley

Emmit A. Powell and Dr. Dorothy Stanton

Emmit A. Powell and The Elites


Emmit A. Powell, Shirley Caesar and Joe Ligon of the Mighty Clouds of Joy

Automobile Courtesy of Carl Payne, Partner

Powell’s Place Restaurant

Dorothy Love Coates

Lebron James basketball star with Emmit A. Powell

Dr. J. Wendell Mc Neil, Photographer

Emmit Powell & The Gospel Elites

L-R: Freddie Strong, Jr., Barbara Jean Davis and Emmit A. Powell

Emmit Powell & The Gospel Elites, Roy Hundley Piano

Emmit A. Powell & The Gospel Elites

Emmit A. Powell in Italy

Emmit A. Powell and The Gospel Elites, Roy Hundley – Piano

Emmit A. Powell and The Gospel Elites


Emmit A. Powell and Sheila Robinson

Emmit A. Powell and The Gospel Elites

Parks Chapel Oakland, CA

Emmit A. Powell and others in Europe

Emmit A. Powell

in Europe

At KPOO in San Francisco

in Performance

with gospel artist Dorothy Norwood



Oakland, CA




Albertina Walker


Arvis Strickling-Jones

Arvis Strickling-Jones

Arvis Strickling-Jones

Marshaleen Martin, Radio Announcer

Brenda Lowe

School Superintendent Ruth Love


Douglas Haynes and friends



Velma Livingston, Stan and Dorothy Stanten

Erroll Bullen, Jr.

Avotcja and Emmit Powell


Rev. Amos Brown Family


Dr. Frederick Hayes

Emmit Powell


Emmit A. Powell


Arvis Strickling Jones

Gabrielle Wilson


Emmit A. Powell and Jessy Dixon

Muhammad Ali

Dorothy Love Coates

Dorothy Love Coates


Jamacian Restauranteur

Bobby Jones

Lee Williams and Emmit Powell


emmit powellEmmit A. Powell


5 comments on “Photo Gallery

  1. Emmit, thank you for including me in the family. I am glad to see the fruit of our friendship posted here on your website with my pictures…!
    Because of Calvary,
    Dr. McNeil

  2. Brother Powell, Thank you for mentioning the KPFA benefit
    with Rev. Byron Williams this morning. This promotion by the superb Gospel Experience show is particularly important as
    KPFA has increasing quantities of public events featuring
    African American writers and performers.

  3. Hello Bro Smith,
    I am so impressed with your extensive photo gallery and I’ve heard so much about you and your ability to give local gospel groups exposure. I am Dave Wilson Jr lead singer with unity in Christ based out of San Jose and we have just released of first CD which we are having a CD release and Ministry celebration on June 25th. I would like to send you a flyer, CD and information concerning that if you would please give me a call 510-331-5223. Sir it woul

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